My goal

My goal is to put artwork out into the world that is colorful, positive, cartoony, and game inspired because that's what I enjoy. I want to also explore video game design, and board game design in the hopes of merging my art style into those forms. I'm hoping that I can make a full time living from my creations someday. This would allow me to always continue to develop on my techniques and send even better art out into the world for you all. I believe that work should be something that you love to do. In my opinion, a person who is happy about what they do for a living will always do their very best to provide a good quality service and continue to push themselves to new heights to create happiness and satisfaction for others. I want to eventually be in the position to support good causes to by offering a percentage of my earnings to those causes that need some kind of support that can be given in a financial form of some sort. I want to be in the position someday to give back to those who have such a tough deck of cards to work with in life, and I want to be able to contribute in some way to helping other creative minds take that next step in their own adventure. In the meantime, I'm figuring out how to build myself up in such a way that I can achieve that. It's been a pain in the ass, but the process is eventful, and learning new ways to make digital art is awesome.